FETIscoresℒ️ 'Quantify the Unquantifiable' ℒ️

FETIscoresℒ️ are objective and empirical measurements. They create a measurable and comparable common denominator without bias, in effect, "Quantifying the Unquantifiable"ℒ️. 

FETIscores are helpful to improve and justify investment decision making.  FETIscores are consistent and transparent and attempt to identify factors which could have a material impact on investment performance.

One Example:  our CPR FETIscoreℒ️ quantifies a firm's Cybersecurity Process Readiness.  The CPR is a comprehensive assessment and evaluation based on generally accepted best business practices and standards.  The results of the CPR process equip a company with the necessary detail to, say, for example, negotiate a lower insurance premiums and can also best help investors understand the cyber and data privacy risks of their investments.  

Are you CPR certified?  Is the firm you are investing with CPR certified? 

Investors can use our suite of scores to enhance decision making on factors important to you and your organizations. 

The FETIscoreℒ️ umbrella includes the following scores: 

  • Cybersecurity Process Readiness (CPR)
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG/SRI)
  • Impact Investing (IIS)
  • Human / Equal Rights (ERS)
  • Carbon Footprint (CFS)
  • Green House Gases (GHG)

Our scoring system hopes to make the world better equipped and more sustainable, as do so one firm at a time.


In early 2019, CPR became the first in the family of FETIscoresℒ️.  The patent-pending objective formula was invented by our Cybersecurity partner SRG Advisory Group.  SRG Advisory Group offers comprehensive Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Services.  www.SRGadvisorygroup.com

SRG's inclusive Assessment Report offers recommendations for closing the GAP between your current level of readiness and the "Score" considered to be the basic standard for "Best Practice".  Recommendations are prioritized and include time frames and implementation costs.

A CPR evaluation should be a basic standard for every Operational Due Diligence plan.

❖  All other FETIscoresℒ️ follow similar procedures and scoring methodology ❖