Decision Optimization

Decision Optimization


FETI Group created the FETIscoreℒ️ umbrella of scores to 'quantify the unquantifiable'ℒ️  

FETIscore examples: 

Cyber Process Readiness (CPR)

ESG / Socially Responsible Investing (ESG) Impact Investing (IIS)

Human / Equal Rights (ERS)

Carbon Footprint (CFS)

Green House Gases (GHG)

Our non-biased, non-subjective system provides a common denominator allowing for relative perspective and comparison against peers or best practice standards.

We have partnered with SRG Advisory Group whose CPR became the very first under the umbrella of FETIscores.

Decision Optimization

Decision Optimization

Decision Optimization


Our A.I. associates have revolutionized decision-making. 

Its simple interface uses incredible computing power to understand why Key Process Indicators (KPI's) are moving. 

Finding the variables that drive outputs allows for discovery of the values that have the strongest impact on outcomes; thus, optimizing decision-making.  

It works for every industry.  

Every manager should want the free option of optimizing decision making to improve performance and maximize profits.

Alpha Generation

Decision Optimization

Alpha Generation


Our seasoned team of ex-traders detail alpha-generating trade ideas for portfolio managers. 

Markets have become more centrally planned and controlled by Central Banks.  Low volatility, low interest rates and herd mentality has made valuable trade ideas harder to find.  

Every active PM should want to hear our detailed trade ideas.  

A point person will be assigned to outline trade recommendations, provide flawless trade execution, as well as to provide concierge-level market updates and guidance.

Call us to meet the team and hear our story.